Indian Head Massage

This traditional practice springs directly from the human impulse to give and to share, in a spirit of friendship. It is usually given while the recipient is seated.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage works on the upper body and also the feet, to bring its good effects to the whole person. Neck and shoulders are the parts most often offered to the massage therapist’s hands and I begin there, with a lovely deep massage followed by massage and movements to the arms. Work on the arms brings release not only to them but to the adjacent upper chest and lungs (and without needing to touch this area).

Like all my massage work, IHM is given through the clothes and oil can be applied to areas requested, or the massage can be given without oil.

Tension in neck and face are thoroughly teased out and the face is massaged. Ears can also be massaged if you choose.

At the end of the treatment feet are massaged (again, no need to remove socks unless you want to) which helps to give a feeling of being firmly anchored to the ground.

Clients tell me that Indian Head Massage helps with sleep problems, brain-fog, low energy and ‘mental blocks.’ It is also helpful for migraine prevention, sinusitis and stress relief.

A gift of Indian Head Massage is a good way to celebrate a special occasion: it will enhance the joy and relieve the tension of any big day.

Polite notice: Should you need to cancel your appointment please do so as soon as possible. Cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment may attract a cancellation fee of  half the standard list price.