Testimonials for Yoga Teaching

‘Everyone should come along to this if they can. I always feel super relaxed yet invigorated afterwards. Hard to explain! A completely natural style of yoga, really different to the stuff you see online. Perfect for the stressful exam /coursework period, or at any time’. - A third year student attending my Brighton university class

It takes a lot to relax me. Over the past 8 weeks I’m a different person after Yoga. That’s all down to you Julia. Thanks again. Mr  L.K, Hove

Thank you so much for the Yoga classes Julia, they have been  a real education. As the weeks have gone on I find that the relaxation effect lasts longer, my legs feel much better and my sleep is better too. Mr M.J, Worthing.

Testimonials For Reflexology:

Julia works with great accuracy, care and creativity. She has warm sense of humour combined with tremendous focus in her work. I look forward to my sessions with Julia every month and I can thoroughly recommend her. Abi Denyer-Bewick, Nutritionist.

Testimonials for Pulsing: “I had been experiencing acute pain in my left shoulder and hand for several years and didn’t want to use medication. Julia used Pulsing to tease out all the pain and tension in those areas and to give me a whole new feeling in my body. The vitality my Pulsing session brings me has helped to rekindle my love for two passions from my youth -Yoga and dance. Pulsing gives me a fresh reward each time I have it and I now go regularly to Julia. I’m so grateful to have discovered Pulsing and Julia’s inspired way of giving it.” Anne L. Glynde.

“I loved my treatment! Many thanks! Pulsing was really wonderful and I would definitely like to have one again. It’s quite an experience to receive as I was so relaxed yet continuously involved in the process.

I felt very peaceful afterwards.”

Chris Dance, Acupuncturist

  “Julia’s treatments are amazing – she is so skilled and generous as a practitioner. After my treatment, I felt incredibly calm and centred, as though I had been put back together by loving hands.

Thank you Julia!”

Vicky Fever, Librarian

“During the Pulsing session I completely let go of tension deep within my joints as I lay fully clothed on the couch. Julia, with great care, picked up each of my limbs in turn. As I gave up the need to hold on, aches I didn’t even know I had just melted away.”   Abigail Peck, Yoga Teacher & Engineer

“Pulsing moved me in every way.” Mrs A.G.Painter and writer ( aged 75) Brighton.

WOW! ..just had a Pulsing massage with the lovely Julia at the Wellbeing Center in Hove- Frankly one of the best treatments I’ve ever had – and I’ve had loads! Check out her website and go for it! – Such beautiful energy. Nathalie Sansonetti, Hove.